Family and Consumer Sciences

Special Features


Colorado State University is the only institution of higher education in Colorado offering a degree and licensure in Family and Consumer Sciences.


Students are eligible for numerous Family and Consumer Sciences scholarships which they apply for through the College of Health and Human Sciences each spring semester. Visit the College of Health and Human Sciences website for more information.

Leadership Development

An essential element in a college experience is leadership development. Students in Family and Consumer Sciences are encouraged to get involved in leadership roles throughout the university, the College of Health and Human Sciences, and the School of Education.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Preprofessional/Graduate Student section of the Amercian Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, American Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Qualified students are encouraged to participate in honor societies and the Honors program.

Quality Faculty

The Family and Consumer Sciences faculty are respected throughout the state and nation for their contributions to the Family and Consumer Sciences profession. They are professionally involved and either currently hold, or have held, officer positions in state and national professional organizations. In addition, they have published articles, received grants, and developed curriculum covering many topics.

Placement Rate

The placement rate for graduates is high. Family and Consumer Sciences students are often recruited to fill positions before they complete student teaching or internships.