Family and Consumer Sciences

PostBachelors Program

Post-bachelor candidates applying for admission must have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution. Post-bachelor students must submit an application for admission to the University through the Educator Licensing Program (Center for Educator Preparation), as well as additional application materials, for consideration of admission to the Licensure Program. Post-bachelor students may enroll in Phase I education courses by submitting a portion of the application and meeting the 2.75 GPA requirements. Additional requirements apply to receive formal admission. Common Requirements for undergraduate and post-bachelor admission can be found at Requirements include but are not limited to (please visit the link listed above for complete requirements):

  • Basic skills proficiency
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Documented work experience with school-age children
  • Oral Proficiency
  • Writing Sample

Follow other links on the Educator Licensing Program web page for additional important licensure information.

Graduate Program

Contact Dr. Dawn Mallette for information regarding FCS licensure through the Post-Bachelor Teacher or Masters and Teacher Licensure program. A transcript evaluation/checklist comparison will be done to determine approximately how many courses/credits you have remaining to meet the qualifications for FCS licensure. A Checklist for Licensure is available which allows you to take an initial look at how the courses you have taken may fit into the current FCS licensure program course requirements. Official approval for course substitutions may be provided by the Teacher Licensure Office and the FCS advisor.