Family and Consumer Sciences

FCS Education Program of Study

This certification program is for students who plan to teach Family and Consumer Sciences at the middle school, junior high, high school, or postsecondary levels. Family and Consumer Sciences Education directly addresses the needs of individuals, families, and consumers. Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences can directly impact the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the welfare of society and help to shape the future in a very direct way.

Family and Consumer Sciences secondary education programs focus on relationships, personal development, life management skills, teen challenges and choices, understanding parenting, teen parenting, food science and dietetics, catering, culinary arts, infant and childhood development, interior design, textile and fashion design, nutrition and food decisions, balancing work and family, and general employability skills.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program has as its mission to teach and model the best educational practices to prepare emerging teachers as learners, collaborators, and leaders. Colorado State University’s Family and Consumer Sciences certification program includes general education courses, subject matter courses, and teacher preparation courses.

Students apply to the licensure program in their junior year and are required to maintain a 2.75 GPA and provide evidence of oral, written, and computer proficiency (i.e. speech, English composition, or computer classes).

Students participate in multilevel practicum experiences which allow them to work closely with master classroom teachers at various levels. Students are assigned for 15 weeks to a middle, junior, or senior high school where they apply professional knowledge and refine their instructional skills. Students work closely with a Family and Consumer Sciences mentor teacher(s) and university professor while student teaching.

Students completing the program meet the requirements for a bachelor’s of science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in education, a Colorado Teaching License in Family and Consumer Sciences, and a Career and Technical Education Credential.

Our undergraduate program provides a strong foundation for graduate work. Graduate degree opportunities are available in the School of Education or specific departments related to Family and Consumer Sciences (Food Science and Human Nutrition, Design and Merchandising, and Human Development and Family Studies).

The program is accredited and approved by CCHE and the Colorado Department of Education, and nationally by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program of Study

This program of study is for students who wish to obtain a secondary teaching license. Please see a Family and Consumer Sciences advisor on a regular basis.

Characteristics and Skills

  • Desire to teach
  • Ability to communicate and teach effectively
  • Understand students’ emotional and educational needs
  • Strong desire to help people and display compassion and empathy
  • Capability to be dependable and patient
  • Creativity and self-motivation
  • Interested in issues affecting individuals, families, and consumers
  • Enjoy being a role model

Quote – "Teaching has always appealed to me as a career choice. At the same time, everything that is involved in day-to-day living is a part of Family and Consumer Sciences education and I am very excited about helping others to live better." - Family and Consumer Sciences Education major