Academic Programs

M.Ed. in Education & Human Resource Studies

Adult Education and Training

The Adult Education and Training (AET) specialization is designed to prepare practitioners for planning and instructional responsibilities appropriate for adult learners in postsecondary, community, and corporate settings.

For more information about the AET specialization, please click the links in the menu to the right. If you have specific questions that are not addressed in these links, or if you wish to discuss your interest in this degree, please feel free to contact the AET program directly at or (970) 491-6499.

Degree Overview

The objectives of the AET program are:

  • To prepare professional adult learning facilitators to work in a variety of learning environments within a culturally diverse global context
  • To provide a program that represents a coherent, progressive, and current curriculum in the main content areas of adult learning
  • To assist degree candidates in becoming critically reflective practitioners capable of conducting and communicating workplace research as it relates to and informs the field of adult learning
  • To encourage individual and professional growth through exposure to other colleagues, and collaborative and project-based learning environments
  • To instill in degree candidates the qualities of adult learning professionals and the lifelong learning aspects of the profession