Academic Programs

Below are listed your options for a degree through the School of Education. Whether you're looking for an online, distance, campus-based program - or a hybrid of some/all of these - we have a degree program to fit your needs. For details on a program's requirements and curriculum, application instructions and other information, please visit the link for your program of interest.

If you would like additional assistance in determining whether a specialization (or its track/option) is a good fit for you, please contact the specialization's coordinator.


We offer one undergraduate program - Family and Consumer Sciences - as well as Teacher Licensure and Principal Preparation through the Center for Educator Preparation.


We offer a variety of graduate programs, organized under three Areas of Study:

Teaching and Learning

Ph.D. Specializations M.Ed. Specializations

Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change

Ph.D. Specialization M.Ed. Specializations

Higher Education Leadership and Counseling

Ph.D. Specialization M.Ed. Specialization M.S. Specialization

K-12 Educator Professional Development

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities for K-12 educators:

These courses are delivered through a multimodal delivery system - video, face-to-face, and online - offering flexibility while maintaining an innovative, high-quality learning experience.