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Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies

School Leadership

School Leadership Inaugural Cohort 2011

The School of Education is currently restructuring the School Leadership Ph.D. specialization and will not be accepting applications at this time. Please continue to watch the website for updates.

The School Leadership Ph.D. specialization is designed for practitioners who are interested in leadership positions in the PK-12 school system. These positions might include anything from being a Principal, Curriculum Specialist, Policy Maker, University Professor, or well-prepared classroom teacher. The instructors in the specialization are experts in the PK-12 environment and are committed to providing the very best preparatory educational experience possible for the continued improvement of the American Public School system. We do not offer this program in an online format, although elements of the program might be offered virtually.

We know that 85% of all people who begin a Ph.D. do not complete the degree because of the challenges offered by the dissertation. Our program is offered in a cohort model, whereby, cohort members take their classes together throughout the program. This will also allow for mutual support through the coursework, the Preliminary Exam process, the completion of the Dissertation phase, and, ultimately, the completion of the Degree. Research is an important part of this degree as is necessary from a research intensive university, such as Colorado State University. You will see through the course of study that research courses are matched with leadership courses throughout the program.