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Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies

Organizational Learning, Performance and Change

The Organizational Learning, Performance and Change (OLPC) Ph.D. specialization is designed for individuals seeking a doctoral experience that will prepare them for roles in either academics or practice. Students engage in a cohort experience that functions as a team to develop research and cutting edge practice skills. While the program prepares students for a variety of roles, during their time in the program students are expected to function as emerging faculty members. This means they are expected to develop a program of research, submit papers to research conferences and present their work, publish their work in academic journals, clarify what their research means for practice and generally engage in scholarly debate, critique and support of research conducted by other cohort members.

The links on the right will provide specific information about our specialization in OLPC. If you have questions that do not appear to be addressed through these links, or if you simply want to discuss your potential interest in this degree, please feel free to contact the coordinator of the OLPC specialization, Dr. Thomas Chermack, at (970) 491-1157 or

Applications are considered for fall admission only. The next application term is for Fall 2018; the application deadline is March 15. For more information on applying, please review our How to Apply section.

For current students pursuing a Ph.D. in OLPC, please register for courses at CSU Online.