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Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies

Education, Equity, and Transformation

Dr Birmingham presents at colloquium

The Education, Equity and Transformation doctoral specialization is designed for students who want to address vital educational issues and make a lasting impact through research, teaching, leadership, and curriculum design.

The 60-credit program offers a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge you need to research and teach, including:

  • Curriculum development
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Teaching and learning philosophy
  • Assessment

Through rigorous coursework and opportunities, this program will equip you to work alongside award-winning faculty. Additionally, the EET program’s interdisciplinary approach allows an emphasis in the field that interests you. You will build a program of study that includes graduate-level coursework in that field, and your dissertation will be guided by a committee of expert faculty from that field and from the School of Education.

This degree will prepare you to work as a faculty member, educational leader, researcher, curriculum developer, or another professional role that impacts educational contexts at local, national, and international levels.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with a community of scholars dedicated to addressing issues of equity and transforming educational contexts to be inclusive for all learners.
  • Develop extensive quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Connect theory and practice to address vital educational issues.
  • Tailor course work and research experiences toward professional goals.

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Think the EET program is right for you? Contact EET program coordinator, Dr. Daniel Birmingham, at (970) 491-3979 or via email at to learn more.