The School of Education at Colorado State University is engaged with the professional external community through a number of mechanisms such as institutes, formal partnerships, and with extramural funding.  Our current endeavors are listed below.  Where links to other websites are available to further describe these endeavors, those links are provided.


Dr. Thomas Chermack is the Founder and Director of the Scenario Planning Institute, whose purpose is to create new knowledge about scenario planning and advance scenario-planning practices through research, focused projects and capacity building.  Scenario planning is a discipline for developing multiple imagined futures in which decisions about the future can be played out, for the purposes of changing thinking, improving decision-making, fostering human and organization learning and improving performance.


The School of Education is engaged in partnerships with the external professional community through both individual efforts by different faculty, and through connections at the organizational level.  Our most obvious organizational partnership with the Center for Educator Preparation with whom we share common faculty, research agendas, graduate students, and other forms of internal and external professional initiatives.  Embedded within our partnership with CEP is our long-term relationship with Poudre School District, the local school district of Fort Collins and the immediate surrounding community.  Another organizational partnership in which we engage is with the Colo-STEM Center, a campus-wide initiative whose purpose is to serve as a central point of contact for integrating and coordinating CSU’s existing STEM outreach programs as well as to facilitate the creation of new programs that positively effect the STEM pipeline, STEM research, and STEM teaching and learning missions of the University.  Finally, individual faculty engage in a wide range of partnerships as they conduct their research and engagement.  These can be found by navigating to each faculty member's CV through the Faculty and Staff link on our home page.


In any given year, faculty in the School of Education are engaged in a variety of externally funded research, professional development, and evaluation grants.  Listed below are those externally funded grants, time periods, funding source, and total funding levels that are active at this time. Many of these grant recipients may have other senior personnel associated with them (i.e. Co-Principal Investigators), but for the sake of brevity and clarity, we are listing only the role of the faculty member in the School of Education.