Current External Grant Funding

Albright, Len (Lead Evaluator). Education & Diversity Program, Center for Multiscale Modeling Processes (CMMAP).  National Science Foundation, 2010 - 2016, $279,396.

Albright, Len (Lead Evaluator & Co-Principal Investigator). The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Education: Math-Bio Project.  National Science Foundation, 2010 - 2014, $247,209.       

Albright, Len (Lead Evaluator & Co-Principal Investigator). The Value of Computational Thinking across Grade Levels (VCTAL) Project.  National Science Foundation, 2010- 2014, $237,654.

Albright, Len (Lead Evaluator). Education & Mathematical & Computational Methods for Planning for a Sustainable Future.  National Science Foundation, 2012 - 2014, $123,564.

Balgopal, Meena (Principal Investigator).  Dilemmas and Decisions: Using Guided Writing to Increase Ecological Literacy in Undergraduate Biology Students.   National Science Foundation. 2008 – 2011, $139,011.

Balgopal, Meena (Co-Principal Investigator). Soil Science, Land Use, and Climate Change: Designing a New Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Concentration.  U. S. Department of Agriculture. 2011 - 2014, $142,000.

Balgopal, Meena (Co-Investigator). Prevention of Childhood Obesity. “Cooking with Kids 2.0: Plus Parents and Play”, USDA AFRI, 2012-2016, $2,494,910.

Balgopal, Meena (Co-Principal Investigator). Expanding Literacy Strategies to Increase Teacher Effectiveness.  Colorado Department of Education, 2014-2016, $160,000.

Balgopal, Meena (Senior Personnel). Environmental Engineering.   National Science Foundation, $245,000.

Balgopal, Meena (Senior Personnel). Environmental Biology.   National Science Foundation, $450,000.

Balgopal, Meena (Co-Principal Investigator). Teaching Strand.   National Science Foundation, $450,000.

De Miranda, Michael (Co-Principal Investigator) GK-12: A Multi-Disciplinary Research and Teaching Program in Biomedical Engineering for Discovery and Understanding of Cellular Communication Using Sensor Arrays and Microfluidic Devices.  National Science Foundation. 2009-2014, $2,798,251.

De Miranda, Michael (Co-Principal Investigator) Research Experience for Undergraduates Site Program (REU).  National Science Foundation, 2012-2015, $383,000

De Miranda, Michael (Co-Principal Investigator) Research Experiences for Teachers in Engineering & Computer Science Site Program (RET).  National Science Foundation, 2013-2017. $318,681.

Folkestad, James (Senior Researcher).  Mitigating Analytical Bias through CYCLES of Transformative Learning in Serious Games.  Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) - SIRIUS Program, 2011 - 2015, $1,800,000

Jennings, Louise B. (Principal Investigator). PACT: Empowering Diverse Youth in their Communities.  Pharos Fund of the Bohemian Foundation, 2013-2014, $10,000.

Most, David (Methodologist).  Executive functioning and academic skills in Down syndrome.  US Department of Education, NCSER, 2011-2015, $883,500. 

Most, David (Collaborator) Environmental Displacement and Human Resilience:  New Explanations Using Data from Central India.  National Science Foundation, 2011-2014, $211,485.

Robinson, Daniel. (Co-Principal Investigator) Computer-Based Tutoring System for Introductory Linear Circuit Analysis.  National Science Foundation, 2013-2016, $300,000.